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  “Splendid evening, isn’t it?” The voice is flat and rich, with a hint of huskiness; matching the face it comes out of. Curvaceous lips part to separate each syllable, over accentuating them with a slight purr. The dragon speaks.

  He turns small body towards you, the movement strangely lithe. Dark eyes observe you with a wise selfishness you’ve likely never seen before. Hands curl together pensively, before his chest; a step forward initiates the conversation.

  “So glad you agree. Care to join me?”

He betides with a presage of prognostication, conscientious to nary an event occurred of eras present and forthcoming — a fascinating refinement he of nevermore a repetitious form came with such challenging, and converging an approach. His soaring, semestral silhouette swayed on such presumptuous, overweening upsurges of whereupon a keenness for the voice he’d grown to adore in simple seconds mounted prosperously; with but the slightest little efforts curling round the absolutist’s attention. It harboured such conceitedness – a familiar fashion of an arrogance donned upon him daily.

                 “A man is but a man within the presence of another. By all means, humour me.”

Sorpresa « Il Mio Amore


So oft and awry from the times of current gesticulation was his beloved, that within moments such as these where the deity proved his buoyancy in fluent crisply-tailored speech alike those that had reigned of popular sovereignty so long in decades past, the angel of golden light was reminded of nothing more than a rose so red and vivid. One that poets would slave in affairs of attempting masterful poetry to elevate such a stunning image. None, however, would nor could as could he himself. Brilliant creation set upon the earth’s surface, Kamijo was the chosen one to take this lovely heart and caress it to heights of unparalleled devotion and love. Tadashi was his beloved, and pampering the second half of his heart needed no reminder. “Thine angel, is as delicate as the grazing lamb whom loves the warmth of a certain scarlet persona.”

With eyes blazing their unnatural allure in shades of everlasting azure did the fallen beauty observe; shift about upon the futon so that the wooden tray could be moved in closer to both their physical bodies. “Remembered, yes, though you hold the tone of one brought by surprise. Have I mounted upon your breast the element of surprise on this morn?” A unessential inquiry though such words were of the norm between this set of lovers. The conversation mattered not, only the emotions that flowed between. “Juices first, or do you contend to begin with an edible?” Picturesque fingers skimmed about the surfaces of plates and silverware, as if to demonstrate what was offered on todays breakfast surprise.

Ah! — mine lamb, you are precise… propitious and passionate lamb, he so perennial when prolonged his persistent presence perseveres at mine portion of physique. Smother thee upon mine wreathing, scarlet breast I shall, and paint shall I upon thine agile lips a portrait drawn of but a hundred kisses rich..,” weightless, diaphanous hand; shall it rest upon the architecture of supporting shoulder and trace beyond the administering clutch of an embrace of light polyester round the flesh a climbing spine. His erogenous, impassioned fingertips riveting round a mercurial pattern reminiscent of avian descent. He could still, withal, marvel and revere so over these wings illustrative within eidolon mirages yonder of authenticity’s perception of beliefs; and yearned he crease each feather woebegone, he’d stir their legatee — an angel long nomadic — as if he’d carry still these phantom beacons to their engineer whose vision roused of an overwrought illusion, to colours enthralling of a captivating amber, auburn, and all adornments of such precious auric stones and priceless gold.

His touch upon Kamijo’s back stood still, yet pressed each aching bone within a force of such relentless passion, “Mine oblivial mind ceases to perhaps embrace each forward lapse toward this date in time,” spare phalanges, slenderized, reached ahead within a fruitful bowl and clutched to diversified a colourful display of grapes and berries harmonious of affluent choice. Each and all went separate ways; few within the throat of he who was of genesis, and few between the lips of his everlasting love.


For once, it’s impossible to figure out what one is speaking about. Missing pieces were scattered and has much as she was trying to pick them up by the second. They nearly drop out of her grasp, they float away and suddenly it’s merely a challenge. Only to stop at where she started once again. Yet he speaks the way she wanted others to speak, with a mindset that’s indescribable and memorizing. The alignment of her spine, felt a shiver that runs down the center of her back within the words that spill into the air and trails out towards her direction for her ears to hear only. No other presence was roaming around them both.

Naeun thinks about it then, time. Is something appreciated to a certain level. Where as we never figure out when time will stop for all of us individually. Some would consider it just numbers ticking by the second, another day has been lost. Seconds form into minutes and suddenly his perspective of it was quite interesting. Time was the reason why all that she finally wanted to accomplish during the day was finally happening, it controlled her. Thankfully.

She breaks back into the reality, the coolness of the water splashes her porcelain skin and she continues to walk along the grains of sand underneath her feet. The sun was still around, the weather is breathtaking. Her presence was slowly fading away, due to how silence was taking her conscious. The female didn’t mean to do so. If anything, she was quite engrossed by the way he was speaking to her. Even if it wasn’t directly towards the young girl’s direction and only she was peering over at him.  

"Yet time is something that awakens us when needed, or so most would say." Finally taking her own time to give a proper response. Her head bobs up and down twice into a curt nod, crouching down to let her fingertips touch the top of the water. Eyeing her hazy reflection, just once. It’s cold, she muses silently but again she agrees with him, "Indeed it is. It’s nice to see someone appreciate this day, the weather and every little thing around it overall."

His lips would be putrid were he not eclipsed beneath the masquerading coruscation of the sunlight, miscreant underneath a suffocating, putrescent carrion of each a million relics, of the stardust out of which he’d come risen. Each socket where within withheld came complex golden labyrinths connecting each of elliptical galaxies to clusters and to nebulas untold of, could ooze of an abysmal crevasse abstained of wisdom and his brilliancy — and crack with its toxicants each remnant of his skull held together through a sentiment he would, nor could, shed. But alas, no; time laid at his feet, and indiscriminately would it in continuance flourish round his ankles and keep him of the evanescence of the sea, and its extravagant resourcefulness of a skill through which it could swallow — all living, contemporary entities subsisting alone when manipulated within the clutch of time. He was none of such, none but an abstractive, unsubstantial hallucination cradled in the enigmatic, conjectural ideal of an existence… as if he were the concept time itself, which kept no hold of him.

And so, when bereft of time, then he — was beautiful, and prepossessing even the magnetic force-field with which the water embraced him round everlastingly long legs, refused the water of release when alone he belonged within the world and all its natural catastrophes, calamities, and cataclysms brought unto it, after creating each its components in unheeding, discourteous indifference; blind to all its consequences. He would grow within the meadow’s grasslands and harmonize among each the flowers.

Most would speak of it as such; these so simple… these buried within the earth in time — it takes less a mensuration of one a century, how blissful, such grace I aid them with in recessing to the excrements of dirt when time captures their blessed souls..,” spilled in a breath rustling the forest beyond, but he was unwavering, “Appreciation comes alone in its purest of forms…”

And as the sea kisses each his feet again, beckoning of him his threadbare repossession and reoccurrence, so dishabille in the shadow of a lovely day with its crisp and blighting draughts licking each an exposed notch of chiselled, bloodless flesh, passed he upon his company an illuminating, ornamented gaze so sincere, that one so simple found still a catch of paradisiacal inheritance of saint-like light to enkindle faithfulness to each corner of this planet known, in the split of time.

إذا تم العقل نقص الكلام
The smarter you get the less you speak
---Arabic Proverb.


"Yes, sir. I am addressing you."

The smile that found its way onto the male’s face after responding to Xavier’s terribly simple query was pretty unnerving, but only because there was something unnecessary about it. It was similar to the smugness that he came across when dealing with any member of his colleague pool; knowing various stuff about their respective fields was something each of his college friends were exceptionally good with, but their displays of knowledge rarely came without some air of superiority—one that made it unbearable to deal with them after a while. This was almost the exact feel he’d had gotten from this Italian-speaking bookstore customer. It was kindly presumptuous to make such questions and comments in the language of Venice and the country that housed it just because Xavier had mentioned it. It wouldn’t have been difficult for someone more on edge to claim the male had insulted him in the foreign tongue after performing an act of battery.

Luckily, Xavier had spent a reasonable fraction of three days, which was much more time than the usual plane ride and a little time during connections, looking over the language again. It would be his second time in the nation of Italy and, thus, the second time he spent studying as much of Italian as possible. Sure, there was the invaluable resource called a concierge and/or translator at whatever lodging he ended up at, but the job he had called for little outside involvement.

"Not to sound pompous, but I’ve become a bit of a self-sufficient trip advisor. So, there isn’t a need for one and, well, I don’t think they’d be able to help me decide between these novels anymore than you could."

A chuckle parted Xavier’s lips as the mention of reading choices closed out his statement. It made no sense to him: people would end up paying money for someone to plan a trip for them, but research was part of the fun when it came to travel. There was a certain intimacy that came with the knowledge of a place; having certain pieces of information regarding the general location or little facts tied to its history made the experience all the more thrilling. By default, there would be more to look forward to and more to look into when there. Ignoring the very thing that typically tied him to these trips (also known as The Library), Xavier always found the planning part as the foundation. Even if there was a need to indulge for the sake of artifact recovery, knowing the design of a city or a few odd things about a rainforest could prove essential.

As the patron started to list a few dishes that the archivist might encounter in Venice, Xavier’s gaze wandered back to the cover of either book. He’d just have to go for both regardless of the unsettling factor that came with reading two crime novels—and certainly when one had Capote’s workmanship behind it. There wasn’t that much of a problem in reality. Nightmares fueled by anything rarely came to him after witnessing that almost human sacrifice in the jungles of Indonesia, but there was still a point of having his mind in the right place. Landing in Venice with thoughts of murder and fear was the last thing that he needed. …unless, of course, they would be enough to fuel him through the night without the aid of any caffeine. It might’ve been worth it in that case.

Noting that his present thoughts had taken the oddest of turns, the librarian turned his attention back to the patron. The subject of planes was brought up, but in an assumedly negative manner. Flight was never a bothersome thing from Xavier’s standpoint. Actually, being so high in the air and remaining humanly functional was nothing short of amazing. Heights thrilled him and the view from thousands of feet above awestruck him, "Well, they aren’t for everyone, but aircraft does cut off quite a bit of time trip-wise."

Unnecessary, in surmised presumption, the self-proclaimed philanthropist came in such margins of expendable and extrinsic nature — extraneous seemliness of an addressed conduct he carried as plenteous assessments. Majorities of his prodigious carriage were of deemed un-necessities, and beneath such repellent smile slithered grim and grisly satisfaction he could gather of monopolizing so another’s riveting expression to an excavation sunken within each clover — left and right — of the mouth. He was peripheral, unnecessary to allotments of the preponderance of substructures assembled in each a form sewn through flesh and bone, and now less inspired or augmented to the specifications shared through the subject of the matter. The absolutist would become insufferable after such considerable spans stretched across of time, excruciating with each a canvassed admission of inquiries given him nourishing his estimate of self-importance.

A credible conclusion to this applicable hour inheres perchance the commodious and overflowing conditioning that tingled still upon his finger’s summits; counselling him of the substantialities that a probable one percent of this world’s order maintained itself in authentic and legitimate regimen — following such faultlessness in perfection where still it were given its credence to within minds convinced of the sacrosanct and sacramental in existence. His lips were now a flower in transcending bloom; stripping the expression of a tenderness no longer circumstantial, but baring its exposure to undoubted eternities in which he would find an everlasting exodus of evanescent existences on spiritual belief.

He exceeded within this sheer emphasis on his lineage — a bequeathed origin among the three a mortal ancestry decided as his excellency’s fate: the insufferable Italian, a familiar’s favourite he’d shed a shining light upon at given opportunities.

The length in which his smile enlarged came cunningly, ingeniously, and stretched a million great deals wider in advance of casted glances upon one of the novel’s backside, “The carrying of such narratives requires seldom the proficient suggestion of another, however — were one with wish of breathing a provincial outland fully, I think it best to proceed unpolished, uninformed. An engrossment of the mind’s reflecting intimacies come through experiencing, living, fleeting moments stuck to us..,” ‘none is there to inform us apropos of our magisterial desires, for ravenousness, for the rapaciousness with which we sink within kaleidoscopic illustrations, those drawn to each our own accord’, and he’d been there… and still lingered there the poetic taste of languages and recipes upon his inbred tongue; each distinguished representative of from when he travelled of Venice to and fro, still circled ‘round his globular head, alike sweet, sound buzzing’s a bee he cared to let to nature’s hands, its hum a comforting feat on which he’d reminisce for eras forthcoming hereafter.

In sequences, in flashbacks of nostalgia aviated he across few hundred years begone of him; within pasts forlorn, each degree in mass the bookstore came consisted of navigated itself within a numberless supernova bereft of ascertainable matter. What blessing to depart unseen, to gaze upon a cosmic agglomeration of stars — clustered all about the principle he’d give no other name to, but to name it home, when his God-given aural sight caught image of a picture clearly painted of the Vatican several miles from the aforementioned Venice.

“Correct, you were — a decision spread before us, ungraspable to others, unfathomable… mine assistance but flickers within the marbles of thine melanoid sight, it’d be swept aside and were to be replaced to visions larger within thine mind..,” he spoke of absolution where at present had he now relinquished on this insufferable self; such blessing came in this obfuscating gloom enhanced when adumbrating his left orb, its glass body but a vessel to what wondrous sight conflicted him and took him from each realistically-proclaimed particle of genuineness, requiring no aircraft to take flight upon each memorable remembrance to let him soar upon a road his feet dug transparent prints in more oft than his physical body would carry him there with.

╚ Too busy these days father to not care to check up on your son? ╗he was the son full of contradiction, heart string pulling, the cutting and severing the pulling of news ones to cause a continuous pool of emotions. A child whom left many a times to always come back. Torture was or had become a thing of his when he had fallen. ╚ Of course, I've been fine, no worries, right father? ╗

With the inquisitions of interrogation, each of such propositions had answered so itself — as repartee of response granted through an inauspicious, haunting voice re-claimed in an embodiment of lies, deceitfulness, and distortion. However still here he heard each ambrosial, resonating signal of an angel far; reminding him the strings his heart were pulled with, “ — fine is still the man a touch of soul too far of revelations.”

If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.
---Tennessee Williams, Conversations with Tennessee Williams.

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Kyungri’s brow furrowed when a hand rested against her cheek, and she went to pry it away as a reminder of personal space but for some reason she just couldn’t. When her hand covered his own she found it slipping back down to rest against her side without a second thought. Her gaze met his and she found herself searching for answers, as her body disconnected and reconnected itself. Like she was a marionette who’s strings had been clipped, separating body from soul. When she felt herself pieced together she realized the crimson that lurked in the pit of her stomach had dispersed, anger no longer clouding her every thought.

There was a moment where Kyungri found herself relaxed, utterly and completely in every single aspect. Serenity filled her and she found his visage transforming into the low valleys and stony walls of her absolute happiness. Her breathing slowed and her eyes dipped slightly, as she leaned into the touch. His words were the sweetest of lullabies, coaxing her into a state of lax compliance. Her words were whispered confessions muffled by her own sudden shame, "Lo non credo in queste cose …. baci e amore … romanzata con le parole. Bugie, bugie, bugie." she shifted her weight to one side and blinked, the fog clearing.

A volte vorrei vedere il mare invece dei limiti della città. Acqua blu è più attraente di un cielo grigio … " Her eyebrow lifted slightly in question at the mention of understanding people, "Un prete? Per capire è sapere … ne sai dei miei peccati?" The words tumbled out at their own accord, with no second thoughts or barriers to stop them. As the question settled in the air she realized that she did not want the answer to it. The last thing she wanted was a break from her momentary innocence, so she shook her head before he could answer,"Nessuno può sapere, nessuno.

The spell was broken and she stood in silence, resignation feeling the gaps. She was once again herself, crimson slithering along her rib cage, and it had never felt so wrong. Her fingers pried his hand away and she pressed it against his chest, “Tenerlo per te.” she whispered softly as her gaze dropped just as soon as her hands fell away, “Sono Kyungri, Park Kyungri.”

She was now to him an anagram of inconclusiveness — an indefinite enigma, the double-entendre within labyrinths sinuously tortuous and transverse as ‘tween her sunken excavations of a ribcage pooled in disoriented discomfiture a bloodbath, in consequences of her lawlessness; her illustration of an imbrued crimson, ensanguined and bleeding of her core – these were delights to stimulate him, to rouse so his ravenous thirst to subconsciously control what stirred within. Heretofore could he taste of carnage in her eyes; these an infiniteness of such wholesome holocausts — these she’d take her darnedest engagement to in seizing manifested, disharmonized controversies, these as inflorescent seedlings, annual vines serrated ‘round meandering a spine… as to put her in perpendicular commensuration, as to straighten her through this persuasiveness of dominances she’d be controlled by, deep within.

And now… ‘twas alike even this emphasized intercession of two species glissading across her bones was too docile to the colour amber she’d be spoiled by — antechambers to each ingress’ archways to his heaven, and enchantments of paradise were opening by the departure of each morpheme and each phrase from his extra-terrestrial lips.

”Tali affermazioni… per una persona così incantato da ogni parola che esce mie labbra celesti, sei sicuro di non stai mentendo a te stesso..?”, the language was liquid in his lush locution, a cascading, pulchritudinous elixir, artistically enough to mend with the faultless waters he could wash begone her mismanaged sins with, ”Anche l’oceano canta incomprensibilmente a voi… e il cielo di grigio riflette ciò che dorme dentro di te.” Her unbosoming revelations were a divulgence of confessions compromised perhaps through her prodigious abashment — mentions of covetousness, of wickedness she herself desired no longer hear. And ‘twas in such his assertion of abilities were confirmed correctly, and with that it slipped, and what became of such a scene was the fruition of a heartbeat with a dying wish for those consumed in chaos and despair.

Abstemious clutch, O » fingers dreadful and pale, soaked within the blood of angels; dug these within chest and dared almost rip that dire heart out… keep it to himself he couldn’t, and offer it to worlds he would, ”Park Kyungri… perso ragazza, cercando, vagando, chiedendosi…”

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